We are the ones who know The secrets of our soul We follow the way it flows And when the wind bellows The secrets we keep The silence so deep Requires a leap So we jump like the sheep In our dreams Over the fence And to the streams To sacrifice a twopence Of time, … Continue reading Flows


One drop and my whole world stops Hoping it will never end if I go away someday And all the promises I made get laid behind a marble marker Phone calls fill up my bedroom Voices float in from the sidewalks And shadows toss and turn and burn the candles on the dresser And I … Continue reading Thoughts


FEBRUARY 10 has come and gone and I am happy to announce that I have started the project as promised. What I am embarrassed to announce is that I’ve been stuck at the same chapter since Saturday, and with the onslaught of Valentine’s day and bitter waves and me starting therapy (finally), I just got … Continue reading Damned

First Fifty Books

IT’S OFFICIAL. I just wrote down the first 50 books that I hope I’ll read, with varying themes and concepts and genres, and I’m really excited. For the rest of the 150 books that I’ll read after (hopefully), I’ll just add it to the list as I’m reading it. Originally, I planned to write down … Continue reading First Fifty Books

Project: 200 books in 325 days

PRETTY sure the title says it all. I read an article on Quartz that pretty much said a person can read 200 books in a year if they get off social media. As a self-proclaimed bookworm and bibliophile, this made me wonder HOW. Here’s the article, just in case you were wondering: https://qz.com/895101/in-the-time-you-spend-on-social-media-each-year-you-could-read-200-books/?utm_source=qzfb Then I … Continue reading Project: 200 books in 325 days


Thirteen roses carried over Thirteen left to dry Thirteen roses meant for tomorrow Thirteen never said goodbye Thirteen petals left behind Thirteen left in a row Thirteen petals for one who cried Thirteen for a crow Thirteen flowers dark as blood Thirteen for them all Thirteen flowers in the mud Thirteen had to fall Continue reading 13